Oral Surgery

Oral surgery involves removal of an infected, unrestorable tooth, removal of impacted tooth, wisdom tooth removal, gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, alveoloplasty, alveolectomy, frenectomy, sinus lift and bone grafting.

Proper diagnosis to assure correct treatment & post operative home care instructions.

Tooth Extraction

Extraction procedures are normally done when the tooth is beyond restoration. This may be infected, fractured, or decayed. Sometimes, teeth are also extracted to allow for proper positioning of adjacent teeth as what is done in orthodontics.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

In most patients, third molars (wisdom tooth) are impacted, or erupted in the wrong position due to lack of space in the jaw. Removal is always recommended especially if it damages the adjacent tooth, has cyst formation and/or tooth decay.

Impacted Tooth Removal

An impacted tooth is a tooth that didn’t come out in its correct position in the mouth. It is normally seen embedded into the jaw bone. If this impacted tooth gives symptoms like pain and discomfort, removal is advised.

Tori Removal

Tori are bone exostoses. These are bone over growth normally found in the palate and in the lingual part of the mandible. Although patients rarely report symptoms, the condition can irritate and affect speech. Removed via surgical technique.


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Bone Graft

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