General Dentistry

We treat all aspects of General Dentistry, scaling and polishing , dental composite fillings, conventional bridges and crowns, dental veneers, replacement of old Amalgam filling, pit and fissure sealants, fluoride treatments, mouth-guards and replacement of missing teeth with either removable or fixed dentures. We use state of the art Prophy Jet Power Stain removal.

Pediatric Dentistry

Kids are often scared to go to a dentist. Easier techniques and procedure are done to ease their fear. Dental Decays are treated very carefully to preserve the life of those milk tooth until the permanent ones come out.

Sedation Procedure For Nervous Patients

Sedation Procedures are available in our clinic upon request for patients who  are very nervous to undergo dental treatments. Presence of Anesthesiologist in the operatory can surely make the patient feel comfortable and well taken care of.  A medical clearance to include  chest x-rays, FBS , CBC and others prior to the procedure are necessary ensure safety and effectivity of the medications that will be provided.

Hospital Setting Dentistry

For patients who needs to be full asleep and  to patients who are medically   compromised, a general anesthesia may be given but in a setting where full equipment is available. Our doctors are Visiting Dental Sugeons and Practitioners   in the top Hospital of Angeles City, the Angeles University Foundation Hospital.

Dental Radiographs (X-Rays)

Radiographs or X-Rays are very necessary in all of dental procedures to properly evaluate the diagnosis and treatment plan. Without radiographs, a dentist may just be guessing what he has to do. In our pratice, it is our standard operating procedure to have xrays taken so that patients will visualize clearly his teeth’s condition. Available dental radiographs are:

  • Periapical
  • Occlusal
  • Panoramic
  • Cephalometric
  • TMJ 6 views
  • Waters View.