Crowns & Bridges

Dental Crowns are made of highly durable material to replace missing teeth or restore badly broken down teeth. These crowns cover the entire tooth to improve appearance and function to speak, eat and smile better. Some of the materials used are:


Pure Porcelain (Non Metal)

This is an all ceramic crown where there is no metal inside that eliminates the grayish shadowing  on the gum-line as observed in the those crowns fused to metal. This is best for anterior or front teeth that has high esthetic requirement.


Zirconia Crowns is also a non-metal crown but is harder, stronger than the Pure Porcelain. It is milled from a block of zirconia and shaped to a form a tooth and can be in its thinness possible without the worry of fracture inside the mouth.

Porcelain fused to Metal Alloy

This is the common and widely used of all the different kinds crowns, because of its strength and affordable cost. Sometimes, grayish lines on the gums are observed after a long period of time due to many reasons ,like gum’s rejection to the metal and receding gums.

Porcelain fused to Gold

Since the base material of this crown is GOLD, the grayish discoloration as seen on the gums with Porcelain with Metal alloy is minimized . This is beauty and strength combined in one package.

All Gold Crowns

All Gold Crown is still the  best crown to have and will not wear and tear after a long time. It doesn’t fracture or crack since it is only 1 component crown. All Gold  has the most compatible relationship with the gums.

All Metal Crowns

The same with the Gold Crown , this is also a 1 composition Crown, attached or fused to nothing. The only disadvantage of this is the color where you can see silvers in the mouth and its incompatibility with the gums.

Temporary Crowns / Plastic Crowns

These crowns are commonly used only as an interim Or temporary crown to cover the prepared tooth to prevent sensitivity and any bacterial growth while waiting for the permanent crown to be fitted or cemented.